Read These Ab Glider Reviews before Purchasing Any Abdominal Muscle Building Machine

image2Many of the ProForm Ab Glider reviews are of the opinion that this amazing machine is effective at strengthening core muscles to get that ripped abdominal look that is attractive on both men and women.

The Ab Glider reviews also suggest that, with the machine’ s 180 degree rotation track, people have benefited from the results of its ability to naturally burn off excess fat and build strong abdominal muscles by using a smooth lateral motion along with a vertical one.

The dual motion of the Ab Glider ensures that the abdominal muscles get a targeted specific exercise that strengthens all the core muscles, including the often-neglected obliques. The Ab Glider machine is shipped with two DVD workout routines along with a healthy eating plan to ensure optimal results from their training program.

Designed Specifically to Target Abs

Some of the important technical features of the Ab Glider include:

  • Strong Durable Steel Frame – The Ab Glider is manufactured from heavy duty steel, the track and frame are built to last a lifetime
  • 180-Degree Rotational Track – Designed to provide a vertical motion and lateral motion
  • Off-the-Floor Abdominal Workout – The innovative design ensures the individual is always in the proper form, eliminating any back or neck injury
  • Eating Guide – Provides guidance for the proper nutrition, designed to easily eliminate excess body fat while intensifying the individual’s metabolic rate
  • Dual Motion Training – The  Circular Burn and the Arc Crunch Dual Motion exercise is designed specifically to double the calorie burn by involving 44% more muscle activation

Three Steps to Incredibly Ripped Abs

Physical therapists and strength trainers agree there are three basic factors that must happen to eliminate excess belly fat and strengthen core abdominal muscles:

  1. Increasing the Metabolic Rate – The individual must perform some type of strength training that will naturally increase their resting metabolism. The Ab Glider is the perfect exercise for increasing metabolic rate because it uses specific abdominal exercises that fire off major core muscle groups to build muscle strength.
  2. Increasing the Heart Rate – They must perform a cardiovascular exercise that will burn up calories. With the Ab Glider’s dual motion exercises, the heart rate is naturally increased to its optimal “fat eliminating” intensity.
  3. Maintain a Healthy Diet – The individual must eat an appropriate diet to provide the body all the nutrients it needs, and reduce the amount of fat intake. The Ab Glider system comes complete with the optimal eating guide for attaining the ultimate results.

Ab Glider Reviews:

“Because of the positive Ab Glider reviews, we purchased the machine. After just a month, my belly fat is gone, and I’ve got a six-pack. Soon I will be totally ripped.” – Bill R.,

“The machine is fun, but be prepared to sweat. My abs are stronger, and I have more energy. Great machine.” – T.C.,

Designed specifically to isolate muscles using Cross Motion Ab Training exercises, The Ab Glider targets all the core muscles, including the often-overlooked obliques, while doubling the amount of calories burned every minute.

Because of all of the positive Ab Glider reviews, along with the machine’s ability to dramatically eliminate excess belly fat while strengthening and sculpting abdominal muscles, the Ab Glider is highly recommended to any individual looking to get that toned, ripped abdominal look. It is also recommended to buy the Ab Glider directly from the manufacturer’s official website and have it delivered to the home.

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A Personal Ab Glider Review – How Working out Three Minutes a Day Totally Sculpted My Abdominal Muscles

I think it is important to leave an honest Ab Glider review so people can decide for themselves if the product will do what the company states it will. In leaving my own personal Ab Glider review, I find this amazing machine is perfect for giving me that ripped abdominal look I have wanted for so long. It seemed that no matter what type of exercises I did at my local gym, I could never get rid of my excess body fat, until I purchased the Ab Glider.
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Ab Glider – How to Acquire Ripped Abs Exercising Just Three Minutes a Day

The amazing Ab Glider is an abdominal muscle-building machine that maximizes core-training exercises by combining two intense motions, the arc crunch and the circular burn. Designed by ProForm, the leader in exercise equipment innovation, this powerful machine provides a hard intense cardiovascular workout that can burn at least twice as many calories as most standard abdominal exercises.
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